About Bradley

Bradley Barefoot spent years working in website and software design and programming. He found that design is a lot like programming but for people. You can get people to do things through design and can also predict how people will respond to situations based on a given design. Combining this knowledge with a fascination with magic, psychology, and esoteric arts, he refined and distilled this knowledge into techniques that can be used in a theatrical format to create the illusion of mind reading and mind control.

Bradley loves to perform his shows, and wants to use this passion to help you reach your goals. If you want a wonderful event that has targeted goals to achieve, contact Bradley today and see how he can help you get there with less stress and more success.

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Public Shows: An Evening With Betty Knox

I am pleased to announce five dates open to the public of Bradley Barefoot Presents: An Evening With Betty Knox! Order your tickets here: or in person at the …