What is a palm reading?

Palm reading is the process of examining your hands and then providing a personality reading of who you are and where you have have been in your life. It is often assumed palmistry is all about the lines on your palm and that’s it. This is not true. The palm reading is an assessment of your whole hand. There can be some esoteric aspects including interpreting the lines in the palm, but that is a small part of the whole reading. The hands are your direct connection to the world around you. The world leaves its mark through those interactions. With skill and practice a palm reader is able to interpret those marks.

How I view the practice of palmistry

Being good at palmistry is less about having any psychic ability or being the seventh son of the seventh son stuff you may have heard, and more about having empathy, observational skills, an ability to listen, and communicate effectively. Readings are a fun way for people to learn about themselves, talk about themselves, and have fun. Even though a reading is a fun activity, I take it very serious because it does require people to let down their guard. This means I will not embarrass or attack you or anyone else through the reading or after the fact.

What is palm reading for parties

Palm reading for parties or events is a fun way to help entertain your guests. I have performed at private parties, public events, and my favorite, zombie proms! Here are just a few options for your party:

  • Palm reading table or booth – I set up a small table and guests are able to line up for individual readings that last for an agreed upon time limit, usually five minutes.
  • Walk around/ group readings – this is part professional party guest, part reader. I meet the attendees at their tables or groups and offer my services. These readings can be group readings where I walk everyone through reading their own palm, or one on one readings.
  • Stage readings – This is a large group reading where I stand in a central area and guide all members of the group through interpreting their own hands
  • House Concert readings – This is one on one palm readings for your group. Usually, there are additional services as part of the house party. The readings are a great way to round out the end of the evening.

If any of these sound like just what you need for your next event, book me today!

Can I get a one on one reading?

Absolutely! I would be glad to provide you with a palm reading. I do ask that you keep in mind that I will not make predictions, but I am always happy to provide entertainment. Contact me to arrange your one on one palm reading.