What is a house concert?

In the days before TV and radio, a house concert was a way to have entertainment and be part of a social gathering. An entertainer – musician or performance artist – came to your home parlor, barn, back yard, or local venue to hold an intimate and enjoyable evening with friends, food, drink, and entertainment.

Today, these concerts are coming back in style. I will help you plan the event. You can invite friends, family, or open it to the public. Guests can usually expect to pay a small fee or donation for the performers time. In exchange, everyone enjoys an intimate evening of fun and entertainment.

The Bradley Barefoot house concert

This is a variation of my stage show, Relativity, but scaled to fit in your home, apartment, or your favorite gathering place! You determine the guest list, location, and time! The show is designed to be flexible to accommodate most situations. This is the perfect option for getting all of your friends, neighbors, or even a way to make new friends while enjoying an evening of fun. It does not have to be just a show, either. It can include:

  • Demonstrations of mental ability and intuition
  • Demonstrations of memory skills
  • Palm readings
  • Tree drawing analysis
  • Lessons in mental ability
  • Memory development
  • Psychic Development Workshop

Ask about your own house concert today!

Technical details

A typical house concert starts with my arrival and introduction to the hosts and guests. Then, once shown the space for the show, I will require approximately 20 minutes to set up and prepare. The guests will be led into the space and seated, and it begins. The standard concert runs for 25 – 40 minutes. Merchandise is available to purchase after the show. Tear down and packing is approximately 20 to 30 minutes. The show can be performed in banquet rooms, theater spaces, parlors, and private residences.

Customize your house concert

You are unique, and your house concert should be no different. Contact me to custom design your concert. It can be an evening of mentalism, readings, a psychic workshop, seance, or a combination of any of the above!